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welcome! We are so glad you're interested in marching band. We know marching band can seem overwhelming and there is A LOT of information to process. This page is here to help!

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Intensity & Commitment

Marching Band is the equivalent of a varsity sport in terms of commitment and intensity. It’s hot, marching is new to many (which can be frustrating) and your student will likely have some nerves about being at the high school. Please encourage your student with positive words at home.

Commitment and attendance is VERY IMPORTANT! Drill camp, Practice, Band Camp, Competitions, Events - our high schoolers will be exhilarated and fulfilled, but it takes hard work! They are apart of something much bigger than themselves and in the long run, the lessons learned from marching band will follow them for a lifetime.

Parents - not only is your student going to be required to participate, so are you! The success of our band highly depends on you, our volunteers. There will be required and mandatory meetings. We will need help throughout the season with chaperones, props, transportation, food, and most of all you will become a marching miller roadie!

Length of Season

Sign ups Jan/Early Feb - April

Try outs first week of May

New member rehearsals start the beginning of May

All member rehearsals start mid May

Camps start in June

First Parade July 4th

Competitions start September

Season wraps up in November

Costs & Fees

Marching band will require an initial deposit at sign up and commitment. The remaining balance will be due approximately 3-4 months later.  Your initial fees help cover uniforms, props, a show t-shirt, etc. But there will be more - Contest tickets, contest parking, cost of self transportation, section meals, section treat bags, packed lunches, and add-ons will be additional to your fees. If you volunteer the required hours (per family) by Nov. 1, you will receive a discount from your marching band fees. **Please note that a portion of your volunteer time will be REQUIRED participation in the Black and Gold Marching Invitational.

  We do not want to deny any student the opportunity to be apart of this amazing program. If you are in need of financial assistance, please contact the Noblesville Band Boosters. We are here to help!

Forms & Documents

Before band camp begins, you will need to turn in forms for participation. These forms are available on our website here.

Required Student Forms:


Medical form

Concussion form

Marching contract form

Parent Forms:

All parents volunteering working will students will need a Level 3 background check on file with us. Once cleared you will receive a volunteer badge. These badges are REQUIRED to be worn while volunteering.  You will also use these badges to track your volunteer hours.


Currently, The Marching Millers compete in Class A Open Field.

The total enrollment of a high school (not the size of the band) determines the class of competition. Our band size determines that we are Open Field, as opposed to Scholastic Field.

Prior to 2019, The Marching Millers competed in Track Show Competitions (i.e. Indiana State Fair). The season time frame is different for Track Show vs. Field Show.

Audience Etiquette

At a marching band performance, the audience is one of the most important elements of a marching music performance. Our staff, students, directors, boosters, invest months preparing and fine-tuning a show, to perform it for thousands of eyes. Did you know bands can be penalized for the actions for their audience. When attending a marching band competition, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Respect the Band Directors and Staff:

    • The Bands are on a strict timeline with rules.

    • Follow any instructions or guidance given by the band directors and staff.

  2. Punctuality:

    • Arrive at events on time to ensure you don't miss any part of the performance or competition.

    • You may only enter and exit to seats in between performance. DO NOT enter while our band or any other band is performing.

  3. Encourage and Support:

    • Be supportive of all band members. Cheer them on and offer words of encouragement before and after performances.

  4. Respect the Uniform:

    • Admire the band members' uniforms from a distance but avoid touching them.

    • Do not enter restricted areas where band members are changing or preparing their uniforms.

  5. Noise Control:

    • Maintain a quiet atmosphere during performances. Refrain from talking or making unnecessary noise during the band's routine.

  6. Cell Phone Usage:

    • Keep your cell phone on silent mode during performances.

    • Limit phone usage to emergencies or taking photos/videos when it doesn't disrupt the event.

  7. Hygiene and Cleanliness:

    • Maintain good personal hygiene when attending band events.

    • We are on display and want to present in the best possible light.

    • Hair will be required to be off shoulders and collar.

    • Dispose of any trash properly and keep event areas clean.

  8. Respect for Performance Spaces:

    • Treat performance venues with care. Do not touch or tamper with any equipment or props used by the band.

  9. Stay Positive:

    • Maintain a positive attitude and refrain from negative comments about the performance.

    • Focus on uplifting the band members with your support.

  10. Conflict Resolution:

    • If you have concerns or issues related to the band, address them respectfully with our band directors or staff, rather than engaging in gossip or negative discussions.

  11. Audience Interaction:

    • While it's natural to feel excited during a performance, avoid distracting behaviors like shouting instructions or conversations with other spectators.

  12. Applause and Acknowledgment:

    • Show your appreciation for the band's performance by applauding at the appropriate times.

    • Avoid yelling or shouting during quieter moments of the show.

  13. Stay Informed:

    • Familiarize yourself with any event-specific rules or guidelines provided by the organizers.

    • Be aware of any event-specific protocols related to seating or movement.

  14. Follow Event Policies:

    • Respect any policies set by the event organizers, such as ticketing, seating arrangements, or prohibited items.

  15. Cheer for All Bands:

    • When attending competitions with multiple bands, show respect and support for all participating groups, not just your own school's band.

  16. Be a good sport:

    • Win or loss - Be gracious. All participants put in lots of time, effort, and resource. You represent Noblesville Band Department, High School, and community as a whole.'​

Remember that your positive and respectful behavior as a spectator or parent enhances the overall experience for both the band members and the audience. High school marching band events can be incredibly rewarding, and your support plays a crucial role in their success and enjoyment.

Social Media

While we are very proud of our students and show, video of practice and show are NOT PERMITTED to be posted and/or shared on social media. Please understand this is to protect the integrity of the band and directors.

Rules & Juding


Each band starts behind the end zone goal line of the football field. Once the official drops the red flag the band has 11 minuets to get all equipment and props on to the field and set-up, preform their show, tear down, and past the end zone goal line on the opposite end of the field. Points are deducted for every 3 seconds past the 11 minute time frame.


Invitationals are hosted by difference schools. Bands compete in these shows as "warm-ups" for the BIG competitions. The host school hires professional high caliber judges. This is a main attractiveness to bands participating.   The host school is not allowed to compete, rather perform an "exhibition" at the end of all performances. Schools will receive feed back from the panel of judge to help improve performance the rest of the season. Scores and winners are awarded at the end of all the performances.

Bands of American (BOA)



Have more questions?

Email the Band Director Eric Thornbury

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