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Wicks Pie Orders

Unfortunately, we've been notified by Wicks that the coconut cream pies will not be available until Dec 13th (this is the date we've been given).

All other flavors are scheduled to be delivered at the original pick up time/date - Wednesday November 17th 4:30 - 6:30pm - NHS Band Room.

We have 4 options for people who ordered coconut cream pies (substitutions/delay pick up requests due by Monday Nov 15th):

  1. Pick up coconut cream pies Dec 13th. You must be available that day to pick up from band room. (Request required by Nov 16th)

  2. Substitute a sugar cream pie for coconut cream pie. No other flavor substitutions are available. Substitutions will be available for pick up Monday November 22nd. You must be available to pick up at NHS Band Room Monday evening. If you ordered other pies, you still need to pick those up Nov 17th (we don't have freezer space to hold partial orders). Request required by Nov 16th.

  3. Request a full refund for any coconut cream pies.

  4. Donate the money to the band and not receive any pie.

If you need a copy of your order form, please text Danna Cripe - 317-910-7580

*If Grandma purchased 2 coconut cream pies and John the neighbor purchased 2 coconut pies, please fill out a google doc for each of them.

*If Grandma purchased 4 coconut cream pies and would like to replace 2 with sugar cream and wait on the other 2 coconut, please fill out 2 separate google docs for Grandma. One google doc for the 2 pies to be substituted and one google doc for the 2 coconut pies you would like to wait on.

Please direct all questions to Danna Cripe - 317-910-7580

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