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Gettin' Into the Swing of Things!

That title is for you, my jazz band friends! 😉 Concert band, jazz band, marching band... here we go! So many parent volunteers going above and beyond to help make it all happen.

Highlights of the week:

  • Concert Band - Tux/Dress order forms are live! Due Sept 2nd

  • Marching Band - Transportation fee is due, updated calendar, photos, Black & Gold Ads for sale and so much more!

  • Raffle Fundraiser - The pot is currently $7,630! Parent ticket pick up most every Thursday 8-9pm! Get your raffle tickets and come to the stadium to watch the last 1/2 hour show run through!


Concert Band

Under the Direction of Eric Thornbury & Jacob Crossley

Concert Tux & dress - has tie back waist (bow or knot in the back)

Please see the latest Concert Band email from Mr. Thornbury - sent August 8th. Please reach out to Mr. Thornbury if you did not receive this communication.

  • Tuxedo and Dress order forms can be found on the concert band page! All orders are due Sept 2nd, 2022 by 3pm.

  • Dress ordered through band dept is a long black dress with tie (can be a bow or knot) at the waist in the back. See adorable models in photo!

  • Clothing does not need to be ordered through the band dept, but from one parent to another - it saves a lot of headaches in shopping!

  • Private lesson instructors AND sign ups can also be found on the concert band page!


Marching Band

Under the Direction of Eric Thornbury & Jacob Crossley

Back Drive: Please keep utilizing the north parking lot for pick up/drop off. Football, volleyball, cross country, etc... are also using the back drive for pick up at 6pm and it's becoming incredibly congested! Please help us by having your student walk to the north parking lot to meet you.

Updated Marching Calendar: Please note the marching calendar has been updated to make a correction for Oct 12th Camp Day! (Oct 12 will be a camp day)! Marching google calendar & downloadable PDF can be found on the marching band page!

Transportation Fee: Please send in your $50 transportation fee. This goes directly to Noblesville Schools NOT the Band Boosters (different than any other marching band fees). Transportation fee info & form can be found (guess where?) on the marching band page!

Contest Schedule for Season: One guess where you might find this? I feel like you're catching on... YES, the marching band page! Please watch for an email from Mr. Thornbury for exact itinerary as the date gets closer (he will not have exact performance time until closer to the contest date).

Black & Gold Ads (Fundraising Opportunity!): You may purchase and SELL Black & Gold Ads for our 2022 Black & Gold Marching Band Invitational Program! Students earn 50% of all ads sold for student fundraising! This form can be found (yes, you guessed it) on our marching band page! All ads are due Sept 7th, 2022!

  • Do you have a small business

  • A neighbor, friend, family member with a small business

  • Many sections get together and place ads "Good luck Low Reeds!"

  • Senior parents - great way to honor or embarrass your senior!

Food Update: Thank you to our 2022 Food Coordinator, Jen Melton (! Jen is working closely with Christy Dopps & Janet York to make sure our kids are well fed this season! Snacks, meals, drinks, etc.... It's a HUGE task to feed 160 teenagers!

Please read our 2022 Policy on Meals and Food Allergies and reach out to Jen with ANY questions or concerns! This document can also be found under "helpful links" on our marching band page (crazy what you can find there)!

Please watch this newsletter each week for menu updates! Our first pre-game football meal will be Friday August 19th! Menu for this game will be published next week.

Contest Prep "Social" for Parents - "Contest 101" (We're working on a catchy name)!

  • Thursday September 8th - 6:30pm 2 days before our first contest! Save the Date!

  • Learn all about marching band contests! Judging, scoring, classes, BOA/ISSMA, penalties, timing, etc.... Mr. Thornbury will "educate" us!

  • When to arrive? Where to sit? What to wear?

  • Practice our cheers and get organized! We will be LOUD and PROUD... and respectful of others!

  • Spirit items available (think laurels from 2021)!

  • Have a little fun... surprises and treats to eat!

  • Watch the Marching Millers do the final run through of "A Million Dreams" before their first contest of the 2022 season!

  • More details about this event in the coming weeks!

Football Game Tailgate: We are still working out details of location, but are hoping to have a band parent tailgate before all home football games! I will update this newsletter and social media as I have info!

Band Photos: Our new uniforms will be here TOMORROW (Thursday August 11th)!!!!!!! As soon as we have kids fitted and uniforms assigned, we will have picture day - hopefully in the next week! Watch for ordering info for photos and senior banners coming ASAP! I will update this info here as soon as I have dates/times!


50/50 Raffle Fundraiser

A message from the raffle committee

Fun volunteer opportunities!

1-3 hour shifts on nights or weekends helping sell raffle tickets. Please sign up for this easy way to get your volunteer hours in at:

We will be selling tickets at many exciting local events and you can find our calendar at:

The 50/50 raffle for 2022 is off to a great start! The pot is currently $7,630 and growing! This is very important parent run fundraiser for the band boosters. Last year’s winner took home half the pot which was $14,505, and the band boosters got the same amount! We are on our way to a much bigger pot this year! This years drawing will be on fb live on 10/5/2022. You do not need to be present to win.

Want to help by selling tickets to family, coworkers, and friends? We have 2 ways:

1. Purchase tickets for them. You can use the raffle ticket tracking form to take ticket requests (not required , just a helpful tool). This form can be found found on our marching band page:

2. We will also have ticket bundles available that you can "check out" and go sell. Then you can return any unused tickets and money collected to the raffle committee. These bundles will have instructions included with them.

The raffle committee booth will be set up in the north parking lot for ticket bundle pickup and for purchasing raffle tickets every Thursday from 8:00-9:00 pm. You are also welcome to watch the band run through practice. Look for our raffle flag!

*Additional information will be given during ticket pickup.

Questions? Contact Noblesville Band Boosters:

Or visit our website:


Whoa! That was a lot! If you are still reading this, I greatly appreciate you!! ☺️


Amanda Sheets

Noblesville Band Boosters

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