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Where Did My Money Go?

As we wrap up our 2022 Marching Season, we're already busy preparing for next marching season... as well as NIPE & Winter Guard! (No time to take a breath)! We have been diving into 2022 marching expenditures with a fine tooth comb to help budget and plan for 2023.

As I was looking at all the ways the Noblesville Band Boosters (we, the parents) spent money in 2022, it made me want to share with all of YOU the burning question "Where did my money go?"

WHAT, student fees are $850?

That's CRAZY!

Yes, it sounds excessive, but now that you have seen what it takes to make a competitive season in OPEN Class A happen.... Let's be honest... it's CRAZY! It's A LOT! The volunteer hours, the meals, the snacks, the uniforms, the music, the giant spinning world, the beautiful tarp, the cute little voices so perfectly recorded, the 9 vehicle caravan to get it all there... and that is only the start!

Here is a very quick break down of how your student fees helped us make "A Million Dreams" come to life.

Please note these are just estimates to give you a general idea (we don't have all numbers in yet from 22 season)

  1. Creative Elements: Approx $35k - $40k

    1. Music Copyright

    2. Drill writing ("Find Your Dot")

    3. Wind Music Composition

    4. Percussion Composition

    5. Guard Design & Choreography

    6. Sound Design - Mixing/recording those sweet little voices

    7. Artistic Design - The colors, themes, props. Making the show come to life!

  2. Equipment: Approx $25k- $30K

    1. Flags "Silks" and guard equipment

    2. Props - The beautiful spinning globe, star covered tarps, sideline vinyl prints & spinners! Not only the purchase of these items, but maintaining/repairing! Those special pneumatic wheels are closely monitored!

    3. Extras such as portable batteries, wind mic covers, tape (#SoMuchTape) etc....

    4. UDB App - this is how they "Found their dot"

  3. Food/Snacks/Drinks: Approx $8k - $10k

    1. Meals, snacks, drinks for 180 people!

    2. Meals before all home football games.

    3. Meal for Black & Gold Invitational

    4. Meal provided at BOA Ohio & ISSMA Regionals at Carroll

    5. Snacks and popsicles for summer band camp

    6. Snacks for camp day rehearsals

    7. Snacks for contest days

    8. Gatorade & electrolyte drinks for medical

    9. Lemonade - gallons and gallons and gallons!

    10. Parade candy for July 4th

    11. So. Much. Food!

  4. Uniforms: Approx $15k - $20k

    1. Guard uniforms

    2. Compression shirts

    3. Summer uniform (tshirts, shorts & hats)

    4. Band member show shirts

    5. Uniform dry cleaning

    6. Needed accessories - hair, etc...

    7. Yearly contribution to uniform fund. New marching uniforms cost in excess of $100,000. We put a small portion into savings each year for future.

  5. Transportation: Approx $1,000

    1. Yearly required inspection of semi trailer

    2. Misc repairs/maintenance, registration on our semi, trailer, etc...

    3. This does NOT include your $50 transportation fee that goes to Noblesville Schools to help maintain school busses, school owned trucks/trailers, pay for fuel and drivers.

  6. Staff Contracts (Extra staff beyond what school district pays): Approx $30k - $35k

    1. Many of our staff members are paid by Noblesville Schools, but we provide extra staff and extra time above and beyond what is covered by the district.

  7. Misc Expenses: Approx $20K

    1. Contest fees

      1. Did you know? BOA is appox $1000 entry fee, $350 to park vehicles and $350 for extra field passes ($70 each)! 😳

    2. Capital projects - Gator renovation & new trailer purchase (to haul gator & pit equipment)

    3. Awards

    4. First aid/Medical supplies

    5. Special events (DCI Camp Day & Bowling)

Yes, we have exceptional support from Noblesville Schools, but to be able to stay competitive with other Class A bands, it is necessary to go above and beyond what a public school is able to provide. I'll be honest, until I got involved with boosters, it made no sense to me as to why I was paying hundreds of dollars more for my marching kid than my HS volleyball player. Now, I get it! I hope this gives you a transparent and honest look at exactly how we make this "marching band machine" run!

Finally, I can assure you our Band Booster Board takes each of these expenditures very seriously. We have lengthy discussions, debates and listen to needs/requests from our directors. We discuss each item line by line when creating future budgets and balance our needs with our directors wishes (A Million Dreams!). We do our very best to be good stewards of our money and keep fees reasonable. Student fees will vary from year to year depending on travel plans, contest schedule, etc...

I hope this has helped you get a clearer picture into exactly Where Your Money Goes!

Amanda Sheets

Noblesville Band Boosters

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