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The Start of Something GREAT!

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Marching season for 2022 has officially begun! Props on the field, the show is starting to take shape (ohhh shiney spinny things!) and parents are busy behind the scenes! THANK YOU parents! As I was talking to the directors the other day, I could sense their excitement for this season. They feel as if the start of this season has been one of the best ever! Thank you for your spirit, your time and your efforts! Let's keep it rolling!


50/50 Raffle - A message from our raffle committee!

The 50/50 raffle for 2022 has already begun!! This is a huge fundraiser for the band boosters. Last year’s winner took home $14,505, and we are planning to have a much bigger pot this year!! This year's drawing will be on fb live on 10/5/2022. You do not need to be present to win.

Ticket prices:

1 ticket- $5

5 tickets- $20

15 tickets- $50

30 tickets- $100

Want to sell to family and friends? We have 2 ways:

1. Purchase tickets for them. You can use our Ticket Request Form (found on the Marching Band page) to take order requests (this form is not required, just a handy tool).

2. We will have a bundle available that you can "check out" and go sell them. Then you can return any unused tickets and money collected to our raffle booth at the school. These bundles will have instructions included with them.

Where to get tickets?

The raffle committee booth will be set up in the North parking lot near the Community Center for ticket bundle pickup and for purchasing tickets. Look for our raffle flag!

Thursday, July 21st from 7:30pm-9:00pm

Monday, July 25th from 4:30pm-5:30pm

Tuesday July 26th from 8:30-9:30pm

*Additional information will be given during pickup.

Questions? Contact Noblesville Band Boosters:

or visit our raffle page:


Marching Band 2022

Most of our forms, links, info can be found on our marching band page -! I will do my best as the season goes on to upload documents, links, etc... to this page! If you see something missing, please just email me ( and I'll add it!

  • Band camp is in full swing! It's HOT! We've had a lot of student visitors to our medical tent. Encourage your student to eat breakfast and drink lots of water!

  • The 2022 Spirit Store is OPEN for business! Get your show shirts and marching swag! (See Marching Band Page for additional information regarding suggested items & order deadlines)

  • Lots of volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved! Be sure to check out our Help Wanted Ads & Sign Up Genius Links!

  • Back to School Bash - Be sure to check out the Marching Millers at the Back to School Bash (Friday July 29th) at the NEW Beaver Field! The band semi trailer will also be available for tours in the Community Center parking lot!

  • Financial questions: Please reach out to our treasurer, Jacky Doke and assistant treasurer, Misty Davis!

  • Special THANK YOU to our food chair, Jen Melton, who has been providing snacks, drinks & popsicles to our kids during camp! Look for more information coming soon from Jen regarding pre-game meals, menus and updated food policy regarding food allergies!

  • Freshman Orientation Day - The band room will be open in the morning for students to drop off their band camp gear. (They already have a home base at NHS!!) Students will need to enter the school per freshman orientation instructions (I'm not sure which doors) and walk back to band room... gate 29 & 30 will NOT be open.


I will try to post updates most Wednesdays! Much more to come next week! Stay tuned and go sell those raffle tickets!!!!


Amanda Sheets

Noblesville Band Boosters

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