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Elevate your band's performance with our Premium Marching Band Shakos! We have 202 shakos in stock, available in various sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL), all in a classic black and gold color scheme. These shakos are designed to enhance your ensemble's visual impact, and they come complete with a striking black feather plume adorned with gold tinsel that catches the light brilliantly.



S = 22

M = 102

L = 38

XL = 38

XXL = 2

TOTAL = 202


With 44 extra plumes also available (see our other listing), you have the flexibility to replace plumes as needed or customize your shakos to suit your band's unique style.


This item could be shipped. If you require shipping leave a note when ordering and we will contact you to discuss and invoice additional shipping fees.

Premium Marching Band Shakos - Black and Gold with Stunning Feather Plumes

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