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Noblesville Band Alumni

Once a Miller, always a Miller.

Explore the rich legacy of Noblesville's band program through our dedicated alumni page. Reminisce on cherished memories.

Join us in celebrating the enduring spirit of music and camaraderie that defines our band community.

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Mission: To Enrich, Nurture, COnnect, Reunite and Educate the past, present and future of Noblesville Bands.​


About: An organization of musicians, family, friends, staff, and community members who have been impacted by the Noblesville Band program.



  1. To create connection, networking and fellowship for Noblesville Band Alumni and their supporters.

  2. To provide communication about current events in the Noblesville band program.

  3. To preserve the traditions, history, unity and awareness of the Noblesville band program.

  4. To support the current Noblesville Band program, through volunteering, fundraising and scholarship development.


Our Alumni

Class of 2024

  • Jared Oelschlager

  • Bryce Purvis

  • Jack Campbell

  • Amanda Dopps

  • Jack Fischer

  • Jacob Hunt

  • Abbie Martz

  • Jack Ortman

  • Ben Shields

  • Amelia Jarrett

  • Sam Neal

  • Jacob Molloy

  • Jacob Ropte


"BOA Finalist 2023"

"Learning we made State with Orpheus in 2021"

NIPE WGI Open Class Finals


"New York and Ireland Trip"

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